About the author

This is the personal site of Jay Gilford, a web professional based in the UK, and owner of the company DJG Web limited. The idea of this blog is simple. It has a number of useful articles on numerous web related techniques using PHP, MySQL and .htaccess files for the Apache webserver

Who are these articles for?

The articles that are presented on this blog are intended for advanced users of PHP, wishing to learn some fantastic techniques to use with PHP and MySQL. If you wish to have some simpler PHP articles, or would like some examples of how to create systems similar in design to another website, then feel free to send me an e-mail (the address can be found on the contact page) and I’ll respond as soon as I can

A little more about what I’m currently up to

Over the last few month’s I’ve been spending more and more time developing for the OpenCart platform, a custom MVC e-commerce platform with exceptionally quick code, and an intuitive interface for beginners of e-commerce for their businesses, as well as a simple templating system for creating store fronts in no time from basic HTML layouts. I’ve developed a few OpenCart Modules which can be found in my store. With the start in OpenCart development, I’ve had to adapt quickly to using JavaScript for multiple custom modifications people have requested for the store front end. This has meant that I’ve had to pick up quite a bit of knowledge in the way of jQuery, possibly the best JavaScript framework out there. Other than that, it’s been business as usual, with freelance work to a number of clients working on some pretty interesting projects